Storage and Loading facilities

LNG carriers deliver LNG to a receiving terminal, which then returns it to a gaseous state. LNG terminals include unloading and storage facilities, along with LNG regasification installations. OSL has extensive experience in design and engineering of equipment used in loading/unloading facilities. In association with our key partner SPT, we have been involved in the detailed design for port facilities:

  • LNG Carrier Berth operations
  • LNG Pipelines
  • Transfer System (Loading/Offloading Arms or Hoses)
  • Jetty Top Works
  • Loading arm bypass system (earthquakes)

For every LNG storage project, we carefully evaluate the customer's requirements and recommend the solution that provides the greatest long-term value. Our team of experienced engineers endeavour to enhance and optimise the entire storage and loading facility.

OSL has participated in the design of different LNG projects and in association with SPT we have developed a suite of solutions that enable new and more cost-effective marine terminal facilities from concept to terminal operations.

OSL service and solution offerings:

  • Conceptual Study and Technology Selection for Project Economics
  • Front End Engineering Design for Financial Closure
  • FSU/FSRU/LNGC Jetty Infrastructure Concept Design
  • Detailed design and full specification for LNG storage, loading and transfer systems
  • Start-up
  • Terminal operation and maintenance

OSL is well positioned with a wealth of experience as a gas specialist to serve in meeting the global energy needs. Our engineers endeavour to work closely with our clients to provide solutions that have strategic and economic benefits for them and their stakeholders. In addition, we have been involved with our key partner SPT in the participation of conferences and symposiums in order to share our expertise and keep us up to date with the challenges and improvements in the LNG storage and loading facilities industry.

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